• “Vishva Bharati Education Development Scholarship Scheme‘‘Vishva Bharti Shiksha Vikas Scholarship Scheme ‘,’ Vishva Bharati Education Development Scholarship Scheme is a scholarship scheme being run for educational development.Under this scheme, the institute provides scholarships to student students for all types of education.
    All educational institutions in this institute, who are affiliated with the Visva Bharati Research Institute.All scholarships will be payable on all types of courses that are run on the tuition center computer center, all those College School Training Centers, Competition Exam Preparation Centers, to give scholarship.
    Scholarship will be isolated in accordance with the courses offered by each city and institutions.

    Our institute offers scholarships to all the students for preparing for all the competition examinations except for the degree course. For this, the institution has a contract with many important and large and medium scale institutions.
    Institution entrance exams like – AIPMT, RPMT, AIEEE, JEE and scholarships for preparation of entrance exams organized in large institutions of the country

    The institute provides scholarships to all those students who apply in the institute. Distribution of training talent discovery scholarship of institutions or cities will be done by check / bank transfer to all gross students / students

    For this talent search examination, the institute will run various centers in India, which will be available from time to time on our website.