• ‘Vishva Bharti Talent Search competition”

The annual competition run by the Visva Bharati Education and Shoha Institution and other associate institutes and is organized by the institute once a year

Through this competition, the institution has to disguise the hidden talent in the rural and urban areas and provide a platform for better education

Cash scholarship is distributed on merit basis in this examination in talented students / students. In order to encourage students / students to get further education and to encourage students / students

The students / students searched by talent-wise competition will be provided necessary guidance from time to time to get education and employment according to their interest in the future so that the student / student can move towards the right path.

The institute is trying to provide a platform to all the students / students through this talent search exam. Where every student can show his talent to the entire society as a genius of his talent and glorify the name of the school and the name of the institution.


  • “Vishva Bharti Gaurav Award Scheme”

Vishwa Bharti Gaurav Puraskar – This award is a prize given by the Visva-Bharati Education and Research Institute for special contribution in the field of education.
* This award is provided to training centers, schools, colleges only.

In this award, the school / center / institute is working for the development of education in its area and which has provided new dimensions to education. The institution of which the education system is in the interest of the students / students, whose methodology is completely transparent and the students / students who have been most successful in preparing for the future, will be given this year by selecting from among those institutions.

The committee set up by the institute for the award will observe the institution applying the application and all the institutes which have applied, among them, the institute which will be the most qualified will receive this award

In this award, a memento certificate will be provided by the Institute and an amount of Rs. 51000 / – will be provided to the Institute.
The aim of this award is development of education.
The institute is currently running this program in collaboration with other educational institutions of Maharashtra. This program is as much support as is to all the educational institutions associated with us as it is from the Vishva Bharati Education and Research Institute.

Presently the Institute is working with the educational institutions of Maharashtra.